Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Every day things that get you mad

Has your iPad ever died?  Has the microwave ever overflowed? Have your siblings pull a plug when you are games on the computer?

There are everyday things that just get you mad that just blow you into space. The small things exasperate you. You now when you aren't able to open things like  scissors. You know when have scissors that are broken. Then you throw them out then you go buy new one but you aren't able to open it because you need your old pair your old pair of scissors to open them even though they are snapped!!! This might go on for days, months and yes even years!!!

Sometimes those everyday things that get you mad mad might just happen at school.

One summer, on a sunny day, when the weather was warm, Angus took me to a macrocarpa tree. I thought to myself “What stupid thing is he going to show me now?”
Angus whispered to me, telling me to climb up the tree.
“Angus, should I do this?” I whispered. I started climbing up the tree but when I got to the top, I didn't know where to go from the branch I was standing on.
Angus said “Do you see a small gap?” So I climbed through and I sat down. I slipped and I slowly starting going down I tried to hold onto a branch but it was no use it went faster and faster then a branch caught on my top I felt the branch on my skin, I kept them sliding down then I fell out. I had a huge scar down my spine turned out the scar was a scratch going all the way down my back. But I won't go back up and do that again. I punched the air with frustration like I was punching someone.

The next time small things exasperate try to watch out for them.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Science journal week:9

 Science experiments
This week we have been learning about elastic potential energy and angles (degrees). One of the experiments was a slingshot rocket and from this we learnt how to make one and what  design is better. I think popsicle sticks in a v shaped and a cut rubber band work together well because you have more elastic potential energy.

Another experiment was flipping frogs. In this all of the energy was in the elastic band. I think most of the experiment relied on the card because if the card bent the frog didn't work.

We also had another experiment and that is u called angle launcher how it works, you pick an angle. The best angle was 45’ degrees you can choose short, medium or long range and then fire

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Raspberry & white chocolate muffins

Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffins
Made by Ethan, Thomas G and Angus

3 cups Edmonds sweet muffin mix
½ cup cold water
3 size 6 eggs
⅔ cup vegetable oil
½ cup of frozen raspberries
½ cup of white chocolate drops
Bowl, measuring cup(s), mixing spoon and spoon to scoop mixture, muffin cases, muffin tray, oven, skewer and wire rake.

Step 1. Preheat oven to 190* conventional or 170* fan-forced. Grease or line a 12 cup capacity muffin tray with muffin cases

Step 2. Place Muffin Mix, water, eggs and oil into a medium mixing bowl. Stir briskly with a wooden spoon until mixture is smooth and creamy and lumps have disappeared. Add in raspberries and white chocolate drops and gently fold into the batter. Spoon batter into prepared muffin tray.

Step 3. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Leave in tray for 5 minutes before turning out onto a wire rake to cool completely.

Today in discovery I was baking muffins with Thomas,Angus,and Solomon I was being responsible with my behaviour. If I didn't behave it would have been a disaster. The table that we were at was really tall, so it was hard to put the ingredients in and to mix them all up. My next steps are to work at a better table so we can do it more easier and so we can mix it well. They turned out really well when they came out of the oven. For me the muffins were really tasty.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Science journal week 8

Week 8: onager vs trebuchet
This week we have been studying the onager and the trebuchet. We were writing down ideas about what is the same about them and the differences about them using a compare and contrast map. We recorded the distance of the ball or hacky sack and looked at the forces of the catapults.

The similarities about the onager and the trebuchet is that they both use thrust. The trebuchet has a higher arch because it has a larger arm to throw the object in the sling really far. Where as the onager has a lower arch because it has a shorter arm than the Trebuchet.

The onager has more velocity when you pull the string on it because it's torsion powered. Whereas the trebuchet has less velocity because it's gravity powered.

 In conclusion the trebuchet would be better for getting over castle walls because it has a higher arc because of it’s high arm.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


When we were doing archery, I felt proud when I hit bulls-eye. I was proud because I have never been good at archery. I have always hit hay. Everyone was amazed and they expected more when we did the holiday game. Daniel, our instructor,  had a go and he hit blue.  Ben the other instructor was writing the scores down:  where we were going, what we were using to get there and who we were going with. I was using the big bow because I think it would be better for me and it was, it was the best!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Midnight fest

It is 12.00.am. My friends are up and eating chips. How it all started when we got back to Woodend camp. We had to go sit down on the grass after we walked to the beach for a safety briefing about what we could do with a parent and what we could not do. Then we had lunch. Michael came over he shouted “Can I sit with you guys?”
Flynn “Yes.”

He showed us his ginormous packet of chips. “Holy moly!” we all said . What I was surprised about is that we were in the same bunk room, we are called Dabbing Kings!
Flynn whispered “Why don’t we have the chips at midnight?” So we did. I went to sleep but everyone else stayed up. So when it was midnight  Angus was shaking my legs and all of a sudden I was awake and the lights were on. But the problem was that we had parents right next to our bunk room so we had to whisper to each other. We ate the whole bag of chips! Then we were wide awake so we played games until it was morning.

I was learning how to use speech marks. I went well because I only had a few mistakes in my writing.  My next steps are to use commas in the right  spot.
I didn't use any bright spark words in my writing. But next time I am going to use 5 bright spark words.

Social science reflection

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.

After today's experiment I placed myself on relational because I was getting involved in the experiment. The slime was chunky because of the starch and cornflour and water  mixing together. For my inferences I put myself at multistructural because some of the questions I was asking I got wrong.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
My observation skills were relational because after the balloon finished I write down what it did and I did all of the trials but not the paper on the balloon. What I noticed was that when I put a lot of air in the balloon, it just let the air out and when there was a little air left it went forward. So I wonder why it did that.

Week 3: Balloon Rocket experiment
When we put paper on the front of the balloon it didn't go anywhere but when we put it on an angle, it went further and spun a bit. Perhaps there was more weight on the balloon.

Week 4: Trebuchet experiment
I noticed that the projectile in the sling lets go at a certain angle, then the projectile fires out with the force pushing it through the air. I wonder what would happen if it let go at a different angle would it smack the ground or go zooming through the air and crashing in the bin.
When we put all of the weights in with the tennis ball it went further than the heavier ball. Also it had a big difference I think it is the weight in the ball. Also I saw the arm was pushing through gravity for the the projectile to launch.
My data gathering is multistructural because I am confident with my observations and I take photos to see what happens with Trebuchet. My inferences are multistructural because I can only make many inferences but they can sometimesbe wrong and sometimes it can correct.